This past week we went on a long 2 hour hike up toward Sumpango (through Barrio la Cruz) to visit a couple of families in El Rejon. It was a beautiful hike through farm land and mountains to get to El Rejon. This is a mostly indigenous community where they speak Spanish and Kaqchikel. It is much less common to come across an American in this area so they spotted us from the distance and the word got out that we were coming, but we were welcomed by the families with open arms.

We visited with 2 families, Isabel’s and Concepcion’s.  One of our missionaries was also able to share with the children and their mothers about Christ.

This year we sponsor 9 children from this area. It is a small area consisting of people that farm in the hills and make a minimal living. Most families there cook under open flame and several do not have a bathroom or other basic need such as clean water.

The children are very eager to attend school and the parents are grateful to give their children an opportunity that they did not have. We hope that the chance to sponsor children in this area will grow each year.