Rolando’s mother and sisters make about 400 tortillas a day to sell and for their family as well. The stove they had prior was about 12 years old and filled their corn husk room with smoke. For the women and small children working and playing in the kitchen this was a constant health and safety problem. They received a donated stove they was build and installed by a local stove builder. It took about 10 hours to build the stove and it took about 12 days for the the stove to cure. The stove should is cared for properly should last about 10-12 years and uses only a fraction of wood as open fires, is up off the ground, is not hot to the touch, and has a chimney to vent the smoke. Now the women and children can be in the kitchen without the risk of being burned or having more lung problems.

Most families in Barrio la Cruz cook under open fire, please contact us if you would like to donate a stove.The new stove completed!!! Finishing the wood burning stove The front where the wood goes. Eda and Marely