What a blessing to visit with Stephanie and family in Guatemala and see first hand what Paso a Paso is doing to love the people of Barrio la Cruz.  Our mission was to pack up school supplies for 150+ children and distribute them door to door so we could meet not only the children being sponsored but to meet others in the family and begin developing relationships.  It’s always exciting to see how God works in and through His people.  As the saying goes, you may be the only Jesus someone may see.  Rolando and his family were such an encouragement.  Watching Rolando’s mom make tortillas on their new stove all day was another blessing and a reminder of how Paso a Paso is helping to change the lives of the people.  Their love for their people was evident as they helped pass out the school supplies.  We were treated graciously by all the people and enjoyed some wonderful food.  We spent more time in another area of Pastores with Marcial.  His family welcomed us and Cliff had a pair of boots made for his father-in-law that were amazing.

Before we left Barrio la Cruz I asked Rolando (through Stephanie interpretation since I don’t speak Spanish) what were the greatest needs in his community. Besides the water filters and improving cooking facilities, he stated more rooms for the families and better bathroom facilities.  As for rooms, I witnessed four beds in one small room which housed the parents, children, and grandchildren.  Many homes do not have a bathroom so they use very primitive latrines.  This, as you can imagine, causes many health issues.

I look forward to another visit next time with my husband Paul.  There’s much to be done in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I would encourage everyone to set some time aside, get out of your comfort zone, and plan a trip to Guatemala.  Antigua, where we stayed is a very busy city with lots of good food, fast moving cars and scooters.  Be sure to bring good walking shoes and I would advise doing a lot of walking before you arrive.  In other words to climb some of the streets and hills that go straight up requires some endurance so it’s the perfect time to start getting physical fit.  And if you like to swim in chilly water, Bella would love to have a swimming partner.

Blessings to all

Cliff, Steph and Marge (mom) handing out supplies Having a little lunch at Rolando's Bella the big helper