Breysi is one of our students that suffers from Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and kidney failure. She is always anxious to go to school and does not miss a day when she is well enough to attend. Her family was blessed to receive a donation so that a stove could be purchased for them. This makes a huge difference for their family. With her health being so fragile it is very important to keep things as clean and pure as possible which is very difficult to do there. There kitchen prior to the the stove was outside their one room home, on the dirt floor just an open flame stove on the ground. They now have a more energy efficient, wood burning chimney stove. It consist of 4 burners, they have a wall around the stove and most of all it is safer for Breysi to breath and for her younger siblings too, no more dangers of falling into the open flames!

Thank you to Breysi’s sponsor and the Lakeland Bible Study for making this stove possible.