My name is Justin Hibbard, and I’m here with my family working with Stephanie and Paso a Paso.  The trip so far has been so amazing, and God has opened my eyes to the tremendous need here in Barrio la Cruz.  One of my greatest experiences so far has been meeting Pastor Rolando.  He is extremely friendly and I love his heart to serve the Lord, despite his blindness.  His blindness occurred about 18 years ago or so when he was 21.  It just happened one day as he was walking home, and by the time he got home, he couldn’t see.  He says that God has used his blindness to lead him into serving Him, and he has never looked back.  Nothing really gets past Rolando.  He told me the other day how good preachers have a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  We talked about current events, sports… He told me that Lance Armstrong was 6 seconds behind the leader, heading into his stregnth – the mountains.  He wore a Real Madrid shirt, and when I was talking to him about the team, he knew exactly what their payroll was.  I asked him about the political system here, and he informed me, and then said, “America has 2 parties right – Democrats and Republicans?”  I was impressed.  Pastor Rolando preaches with such finesse, memorizing his sermon and teaching with authority and knowledge.  Last week, I listened to him talk about eternal security; it was well organized with points and subpoints, and he didn’t have a single note in front of him.  He knew the verses he wanted to read, when he wanted them read, and what he was going to say about each one.  But what we didn’t see was the amazing hard work he put behind that one Bible Study.  With the help of his family, he has them record verses and other text, to which he listens and later hand writes in Braille, along with his own thoughts – a process which takes 7 hours per 2 pages of Braille notes.  I made this movie for him in hopes that someone would see this and provide modern equipment for this very gifted and godly man.