Carrying up firewood

What a blessing to return to Guatemala!  The people are so gracious that it makes  serving so rewarding.  This year I was able to participate again in  preparing the school supplies to be distributed to the children.  The week before the distribution the parents were required to attend a meeting.  At that time, the guidelines were explained again on how it is determined who receives sponsorship and what is required of the children, e.g., passing their classes, attendance, etc. in order to continue receiving support.  All were excited to see Stephanie and express their appreciation.

On another day, several ladies gathered at the church to talk about the dolls they have been making.  Last year several ladies were introduced to doll making and are progressing very well.  A pattern book was donated along with some different types of yarn and the ladies had fun developing new ideas for doll clothes and hair color and styles.  They also spent some time cutting out doll patterns so they could take them home and work.  Check out the large dolls at   and small dolls at

Showing the women the pattern book

Each women receives all the profit from the dolls and it is used to help support their family at home, work and school; in addition to giving the women a sense of self-worth. By the women selling just 1 large doll a week, it is equal or more to a week worth of income.
Large Doll # 6
We had several opportunities to spend time with Rolando and his family.  He continues to minister to the people in and around the community. To some his blindness would appear be a hinderance; however, God continues to use him in mighty ways and he walks up and down the mountains much better than most sighted people.  He knows everyone and I mean everyone by their voice.  Through Charles Stanley’s ministry, we were able to obtain 40 messengers (they looks like the old transitor radios).  Each messenger contains 35 sermons in Spanish and is capable of being charged either by electricity or by solar power.  Our hope is that over the next several months between Rolando and Stephanie they will be able to provide the messenger to the people in and around the community.  There are many people who are not able to make it to church or who cannot read and this will be a great tool to help them grow in the Lord.
Explaining the messenger
Another highlight of our trip was to visit the property that Rolando’s family owns which is partially planted with corn and coffee plants.  In Guatemala if the land is not fully planted when the parents die, the children do not necessarily get the keep the property.  To help provide for Rolando in the future, we felt it was important that the property be fully cultivated and planted.   It will be done in the spring.   Thank you Lord.
Enrique, proud farmer and a hard worker
Thank you everyone for your prayers.   I hope you will plan a visit to Guatemala in the near future.  You will not be disappointed.  You will not only be blessed but will be a blessing.

written by: Marge Stearns