It has been a long delay since our last update, a combination of internet issues, family has been busy but God is gracious. But the good news is there has not been a delay on the work going on here in Guatemala. For those of you who keep a closer eye on our projects here you know we have been busy the past several months and there has been a lot going on. There will be a series of updates coming out over the next couple of weeks so please read up!

 Friends alicia 

 Most recently we have distributed the school supplies for 2011 to El Barrio la Cruz and El Rejon to a total of about 110 children. We were also blessed to be able to distribute 11 backpacks with donated school supplies from the states and purchase 12 pencil holder bags as rewards for children who excelled at their school work last year. Each child received a bag of school supplies containing notebooks, pencils, crayons and all the basics to start school. We held the event at the church in El Barrio and called each child up, took their picture and gave them their supplies. This also gave us the chance to explain the rules of Paso a Paso to the parents for the year of maintaining grades and attendance. We will hand out toothbrushes and basic food supplies in the next week to the families as well. The children are always so excited to go home with their supplies and the parents so grateful for the assistance as the children can not attend school without them. As far as the children who are in secondary school and higher this is when we  gather all their information and go to their establishments and pay for their fees to attend school for 2011. This is where the sponsorship or donations become a huge help. We need at least $10,000 a year for the children to attend school under full scholorship.

    Girls going into Basico Sweet faces from el Rejon with their supplies! 

We have great news that we were welcomed into the one of the institutions in Pastores were a lot of our students study and they allowed us to pay for multiple students and said we could come back as much as we want. They encouraged us to come and check in with the teachers and see how the students are doing and how their grades are, this is a huge step for us!! We are also open to do some tutoring in the schools, we hope that if we are here long term next year we can do tutoring in the afternoons in one of the schools and offer this to our students. We will also have our older students mentor some of the younger students in the program.

boys waiting for their mama jocelyn, starting pre-k! 

There are many opportunities that are up and coming for 2011 we are excited to share them with all of you but most of all are excited with all the new opportunities that the children and families may have here this year. Please keep everyone here in your prayers and please consider donating via our website or making a trip down, the need is great!!! Happy New Year to all!!