this is how its done 

We always look for areas in Barrio la Cruz or the surrounding areas that we work in that need some construction repair or work done. Well this trip we asked, planned and as it turned out the few things we originally had planned to do didn’t seem to be panning out. So after a few conversations and “fijese que” moments we came to realize that our main support right in front of us in El Barrio needed help. Rolando’s mom and dad, Berta and Enrique have been living in an adobe room for decades and after many floods, earthquakes and much more it is hardly standing. They wouldn’t dare mention it to us because there are many more in need in their opinion but there was no doubt in our mind, we were going to build them a room.doing the block Berta y Enrique and Hemenia infront of the home 

  So off we went and bought material and with the help of their family we began to build the block foundation, the wooden post, the lamina, steel walls and roof. It is now more of a home then they could have ever ask for. They are still in need of electricity to the home  but that will take time.  They are content, it is safe and their own. the base of the home

We were able to have our own little house warming party with a big pot of American chili and it was great to share the moment with them! They are so grateful!Bella with her friend 

Please contact us if you are interested in donating for a home, construction, or coming to build yourself!!!