We have arrived back in Guatemala and have been working hard for the past couple of weeks. Rolando, Zaidy and I have been visiting with a lot of families and finalizing grades for the first trimester to see how the children performed in school. It has given us time to prepare for the groups this summer.  We just had a wonderful group from Vintage come and serve with us this past week and it was such a blessing!

The Vintage team 

This past week we delivered school supplies to children that received above average grades as incentives to keep up their hard work. In communities like Barrio la Cruz and El Rejon going to school, working with your family and farming it is not easy to keep up in school. We also were able to distribute bags of toothbrushes and toothpaste to the families with some saftey cards explaining water and fire saftey while sharing some simple Bible verses.

Mardoqueo's family 

delievering supplies Stephanie in El Rejon 

We went to El Rejon a farming village and were overwhelmed by their love for us and their hard work in school and in their community. Each year we support more children in El Rejon and e continue to pray how God will have us expand our work there and we ask for you to pray with us and pray for our protection in the community.

Mardoqueo and their pony Children from El Rejon 



The rest of our week was spent building two stoves and rebuilding two kitchen rooms for families in need. We purchased the stoves and while they were being built we tore down and rebuilt the new kitchen rooms out of sheet metal, wood and a lot of love and hard work. Gabriel with their new stove! 

Cesar, building a wood buring stove Nailing on the roof 

 We will have more detailed updates about the individual projects very soon! Thank you all for you continued support and please keep the prayers coming for our work and safety.