Brian and Betsy Timmer 


Some of the richest moments of my life have happened alongside Paso a Paso Missions.  Having just returned from my second mission trip, I am reminded of the great blessings in store for those who serve.  Those who have taken part in similar endeavors know how difficult it is to sum up such an experience in only a few brief sentences. 


As I reflect on the journey to Central America, I’m happy to recall the many amazing people I’ve had the chance to serve alongside. It was a gift to interact with the team from Vintage Church, Stephanie Cady (especially her children: Bella, Austin and Emmett) and the neighborhood pastors and families.  Stephanie’s story of Paso’s divinely orchestrated beginnings and all that God has done was inspiring.  Brian and Betsy Timmer

Just about every aspect of the trip was interesting.  It was a joy to sit and eat with families who lovingly prepared tasty Guatemalan dishes.  No refrigerates means the food is often exceedingly “fresh”.  Some hosts even served familiar items, like fried chicken, French fries and Coca Cola!  The food, the families, the sights and sounds—it was a lot to take in!

As a team, we were able accomplish great things.  We had a chance to provide two families with basic kitchen necessities.  Through the generous contributions of many, we were able to purchase new cooking stoves, roofs, walls and school supplies.  We also had the opportunity to distribute many bags of hygiene products (e.g. toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) as well as water and fire safety information.  Talking with the residents of Barrio La Cruz and El Rejon and seeing the joy and hope in their eyes was uplifting.  The excited expressions of children receiving schools supplies and toothbrushes were a sobering reminder of what we often take for granted.   The elementary school in El Rejon  

Without a doubt, the trip was a blessed by God.  We left with many new and challenging thoughts and questions.  In John 15:17, Jesus said, “This is my command: Love each other.”  He said this that our “joy might be complete”.  As I reflect on this passage, I realize that our team felt this joy.  I can think of no better way to love than to extend one’s self with Paso a Paso Missions.  It is my hope and prayer that others will experience this great treasure as well.Claudia's kitchen remodel 

 By: Brian Timmer, Vintage Group May 2011