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We have been ministering more and more in area of Sumpango, in a little aldea called El Rejon the past couple of years and this past year really seeing results. We try to visit El Rejon about every week or at least every 2 weeks when we are here to talk with them, take donations, visit the schools and of course if we have volunteers take them there so they can really see what Paso is about and hopefully where we see the future of Paso growing.

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When we go, most of our visits are with the women, mothers and children, mostly girls or young boys as most the men and older children tend to the fields. The younger children study till about noon and the older children work the fields during the day and study in the afternoons, or at least those that are fortunate to.

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Over the past couple of trips we took several groups, the Kansas group where we delivered lots of toothbrushes and other items. Also with Emily and Amanda we saw many needs again such as children with no shoes or broken shoes. A child with a disability that has been sleeping on just a metal spring board for a bed. The needs in this area are endless but it is nice to know that the little bit that we can supply and share with them is making a large impact in their lives. june242011 024

Rolando always is faithful in coming with us and with the community members growing to trust us more and  extending their trust to us it gives us many opportunities to pray for their daily needs, their families and their community. They know that we genuinely care about them and their family and we want them to see God’s true love for them even if it begins through a pair of shoes. July212011 061 July212011 036

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