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Pedrito, a sweet little 4 year old boy lives right next to Rolando’s house in Barrio la Cruz. He can steal your heart so quickly with a wave or quick little kiss he blows your way. Pedro has struggled since birth with many health issues. He has a wonderful family that supports him, a father who works non-stop to provide for his needs and still finds the time to care for him, 2 older siblings who love him dearly and do very well in school, and mother who cares for him around the clock.


 When Pedro was born he had a twin that died a few days after birth and Pedro was very ill. Since then Pedro’s health has suffered and he has been in therapy. His health has improved but it is a daily struggle to feed him, teach him new skills and provide for his daily needs. July212011 022

Recently as Pedrito has been leaning to crawl with his therapist, she mentioned that it would be great if he could have a mat to crawl on that could help his hands grasp the ground as he was crawling. So we asked and found someone to donate a mat and what a great help that has been! July212011 015

july102011 008 The therapist also suggested having something on the wall for him to crawl to, or to reach toward, or to have things to talk about for his speech therapy. So we discussed doing a mural. We had a group come down and with the group and other members of Paso a Paso we were able to do an amazing mural for Pedrito that he loves.July212011 019

We can’t wait to update you all more on Pedrito and his family as he continues his road and life to recovery and healing!july102011 009