For those of you that have been thinking and praying for Breysi over the past few years here is another little update.
Breysi is a 12 year old in Barrio La Cruz that we have been praying for and helping over the past 4 years. She has a strong spirit and despite her family and health issues love the Lord.Breysi and Stephanie
Breysi spent most of the summer in the hospital suffering from multiple things, from malnutrition, kidney infection (so bad she was in a wheel chair), high fevers and neglect. We visited her frequently to find out that she spent day upon day there alone and wasn’t bathed or cared for and was at high risk of other infections due to being alone.
Breysi’s mother and father are heavy drinkers sometimes going on days of binge drinking and not attending to Breysi or the other 3 younger siblings at home. We managed to speak with the social worker at the hospital develop a great relationship with her. We were able to make sure that Breysi was returned to her grandmothers home and the siblings moved there as well. Even though they do not have all they need they are at least in a safer environment and do not have to worry about being abused and left alone.
Christian and Maria de Jesus
About a month ago Breysi ended up in the hospital again with stomach pain, a kidney infection and more. A few days later they operated taking out her appendix. With her low immune system recovery has been hard and she was only home about 3 days until she entered the hospital again with an infection from surgery. I spoke with her mother and she said she insisted bringing Breysi home to her house. Within days Breysi was left alone again. When the fire department went to get Breysi again because she was not doing well both parents were drunk.
Please pray for Breysi as she has returned home again and for healing. Breysi is one of our best students and she does not want to miss the start of the school year in the next couple of weeks. Pray for her parents that they would be responsible for their children and themselves. Pray for her siblings; due to lack of involvement in the home they are no longer attending school.