“I am guiding you in the way of wisdom, and I am leading you on the right path.” Proverbs 4:11 (poster drawn by one of our students)
Being in Guatemala for a good part of the year always makes fundraising on the stateside a bit of a challenge. Between trying to make connections and come up with effective fundraising idea can be difficult.
This past summer we were blessed by multiple opportunities to raise funds, some more successful than others.
We applied for a large grant in July to find out we weren’t a “good match”. It can be discouraging at times to invest so much time into grants only to find out in a short email that we didn’t get it, but God is faithful and we applied for another one!
We hosted a book sale in the summer and we raised about $150.00 And we were left with a lot of books to donate as well. All the proceeds from this went to our education fund. The Brink family also hosted a fall party donating funds to Paso.
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We also spoke at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship and showed our Guatemala goods and sold a few dolls and other items. Through our visit there we had a generous couple donate 20 pairs of new shoes!
Delmi, Maximina, and Eliza
In November we hosted a Pampered Chef party and make about $150 that was donated from Pampered Chef.
Also, through the Hibbard’s efforts with a local homeschooling co-op they collected a large amount of school supplies which will be a huge help this year as we distribute school supplies.
We are very grateful to our monthly sponsors and for those that donate items those in need in the community whether it be funds for food, medical supplies and for individuals within our program, you all make many things possible and the community here is ever grateful.
Rolando y Stephanie