Breysi sure is loved by so many. I often get questions, concerns, and notes that people are praying for sweet Breysi.
Breysi and Bella on the way to Zacapa
She still struggles with a harsh home situation. She is living with her mother and father again, when they are both there. They both have drinking problems and struggle with abuse and can not make ends meet on a daily basis.
With all of Breysi’s medical needs (and obvious) psychological needs it is a challenge. In February, thanks to her sponsor we were able to take her to Zacapa to visit with a medical team. A trip that was suppose to be about 3 hours each way turned into about 6 hours each way. (pretty much what I had expected for here.
Breysi and Bella in Zacapa
She was given the red carpet treatment from Children of the Americas. They treated her first, did multiple test and in the end gave her braces for her wrist and feet to wear while sleeping for her Rheumatoid arthritis. We also found out or confirmed that the medicine that she was prescribed is correct (now just to find out how to get it, it is pricey) and that a lot of her other issues (bladder and kidney infections) are side effects of the medicine. Sadly they agreed a lot of issues are caused from stress in the home and poor family care, which is something we already knew.
The bright side is, Breysi got some answers, free medical care, and had a great day out with us and had a very fun time with Bella!
God is good!