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February sure was a busy month! Between our family moving into a new home which is still a dusty, mess, having a short visit from a sponsor and friend and having family in town it was busy…but a good busy!

We have several people that sponsor children monthly. We are in need of a lot of others to sponsor our students in our program too. We were blessed to have 2 people come and meet the girl they are sponsoring. Even though both parties were a little shy and apprehensive about getting to know each other in person it was so much fun for Maria to meet her sponsor and put a face with the image in her head.
Marge and Paul also were able to meet the girl they sponsor, Flor de Maria. We visited the girls home, ate with them, visited their school, prayed with them, and we were privileged to take them to climb the Voclano Pacaya with us!
What a great time and visit for all! I hope this encourages others to sponsor a student and know you are making a REAL impact in their lives!