What a great, long, packed and blessed week. We had the pleasure of having the Frank family here this week (minus big daddy..he was missed). I do not know if the Frank’s knew all that we would do this week but we definitely had many adventures.
We mananged to buy a refrigerator, food supplies for the families in our program and enough toilet paper for all of Guatemala and carry all of that in a pick-up truck up to Barrio la Cruz. We spent a couple afternoons handing out the supplies and visiting with families. We spent one afternoon doing a sports day and another doing a game day. They were even nice enough to amuse us and help with a Guatemalan mural on their last day! So thankful for their hardwork, laughter and dedication to PAP and their sponsor children! 11223957_10206215209732777_6215059017483949382_n11208640_10206215211452820_4697184736237855535_n20099_10206215222133087_8571341455096399064_n11539713_10206235677244452_5535800914666549100_n20093_10206223967551717_6095245932718351194_n11695949_10206231197052450_5553109507080528979_n