Meet David. David is six years old. David is a student in our Paso A Paso Preschool program. A program created to help young children in the community be prepared for the riggers of school but also, and perhaps more importantly, a safe place to be for more hours in the day. David is very bright and caring, but quiet. When you look at his sweet face you can see all the dreams and promises of the future, but in his eyes that promise is mingled with pain, fear, and hopelessness. Something no child should have.. About a month ago David grew ill very quickly and is need of medical attention. Large masses are present on David’s neck and throughout his body. He is having tests run and hopefully treatment but all of that requires time, and money. Two things David does not have. David is one of 5 siblings. His parents are separated and his mother is unemployed and often gone. Dad works construction and often has other women stay in the home. It leaves a little boy lonely and in great need of comfort and love. Poverty does not define anyone but it does play a roll in opportunities. David needs transportation to and from the doctors offices, tests, medicine, and most of all, hope. One of David’s test costs $22, X-rays, $16, the medicine prescribed $6. To you or I , we would drop that at Target before we got to isle 3…..but that amount is inconceivable for David and his family. To sponsor a child through Paso A Paso it is $175 a year, that’s less than $15 a month. That helps feed the whole family, assist with schooling needs, transportation to and from school, uniforms, and home inspections to help protect and educate the families within. David needed a sponsor even before he got sick, now he needs one desperately to help save his life. Your sponsorship can play a role in what David and his family need….. hope. We pray that his story speaks to your heart and you will consider the sponsorship of a child in Guatemala.

David. 5 years old. Pasitos Preschool. Needs sponsor.