In Guatemala there is no free public schooling. 70% of children do not attend school past primary grades and 20% don’t attend at all. A student must pay an inscription fee, buy a uniform and school supplies. After primary grades they must pay a monthly fee to attend school. School fees range from 8$ to $55 a month. For most, these fees are an impossible amount.

We currently sponsor 151 children to attend school. 98 of the those children are in primary school (kindergarten through 6th). 33 children are in a secondary schools(7th-9th grade). 13 students are studying in technical, architecture, secretarial, or electric school(grades 10th – 12th). Paso a Paso pays the inscription fees, monthly fees, and provides school supplies and a Bible for every child in the program.

Our goal is for all children in the community to have the opportunity to attend school. Although the cost to send a child to school varies, we’ve averaged the amounts so that all can attend and have the supplies they need.

Stay connected and see your donation literally change a kids life. Sponsor a student for a year for $160.

Students Needing Sponsorship

We have over 110 children that need sponsorship. In the past we have received donations and we divide them up among the students. We will continue to divide up the funds that are received for education but we are giving everyone the chance that would like to, to pick a student and sponsor them for the year and beyond if they would like. Giving the donor to opportunity to get to know their student and their family.


My father died when I was 7. My mother had worked along side my father during their mariage so she never had her own income. When my father died the only income for the family was gone. I was not going to continue school. At that time, a couple from the U.S. started to sponsor me; they helped pay for my tuition, school supplies, some basic health care and a small amount of money for my birthday and for Christmas. The sponsorship this couple provided me changed my life, my family’s life and impacted the lives of other people in my community, for the following reasons: With the sponsorship I was able to finish elementary school; than, I went to a boarding school where I studied until I finished high school. When I finished high school, I got a scholarship and came to the US to study; this opened many doors for me and gave me the opportunity to be able to know people and organizations with whom I was able to coordinate community projects. This would have not been possible if I had quit school. I have seen first hand the chain of help my sponsors created; by sponsoring me, my sponsors helped my family and many other people in my community.
Ana Lopez de M.