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Paso a Paso has been working in Guatemala for about 14 years. We have focused our work in the southern part of Guatemala in the department of Sacatepequez in Pastores. We work in a hillside community called Barrio la Cruz. This community of approximately 1500 people, is 25 kilometers from Antigua.

This is a poor community that faces several issues. Most men and women in this community have not completed even a primary level of school and cannot read or write. The average monthly income of families in Barrio la Cruz is about 1500 Q, or $200.

More than 30% of the homes are headed by single mothers; men are often absent or have abandoned the family. These families lack basic necessities like clean water, enclosed stoves and the financial ability to send their children to school and provide a better future for them.

Educational Support

There are over 125 children in our education program all of whom require sponsorship. A child can be sponsored for just around $15 a month, just $160 a year! This provides their schools supplies, supplements, and needed items for their families.


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Food Program

For $3 a day you can support a child to eat at our community center, a healthy and safe meal. Our feeding program not only helps feed the kids but we are able to fill a huge gap and keep them safe at times during the day when they would otherwise be at risk of physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

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Little Steps of Jesus

Support the launch of our young Pasitos por Jesus (Little Step’s for Jesus) For $25 a week you can sponsor a child to attend a child-care, Christ based program. They will not only be learning about Christ, but they will be learning the basics to prepare them for kindergarten, such as numbers, letters, phonics and fine motors skills. These children will be chosen from our list of high-risk families. Children that are left unattended, children that are in the farms with their moms, or that are being abused, or that come from single parent homes. FIND OUT MORE Can you donate one week of sponsorship for $25?

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