Esvin’s road to recovery

Esvin had his second cornea transplant last week. He has been recovering very nicely and having a lot of fun. This time around he is staying at our house (Stephanie’s) and the kids are definitely keeping him busy. His days consist of playdoh time, hide and seek, cops and robbers, playing school, a little Ipad and of course making rubber band bracelets galore.
We went for a check-up today and the doctor was very pleased with his progress. He took the stitches out and gave us some new medication but said all was looking well. He also looked at his first cornea transplant that he had a few months back and he was very pleased. Esvin’s vision continues to improve and with the assistance of glasses he was able to see 50/20 with the left eye. When the right eye is completely healed the vision combined will be even better. The doctor will give the eye time to heal completely and then he will get glasses in a couple of months.
A big thank you to the Erickson’s and all their supporters for making this possible for Esvin!

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