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1924353_10152603092341942_3558185678420128060_nOur church has talked a lot lately about what it means to be “On a mission” as a family.  As we’ve thought about that, Brian and I began to realize that we are good at doing mission (leading a group, serving in the church, essentially working out our calling for God) or we are fairly good job of attending to our family.  But we have never been able to do both well together.  Our trip to help Paso a Paso was an opportunity to let our family be on a mission together.IMG_2448IMG_2449IMG_2460IMG_8323IMG_8400
Our family had the unique privilege of living in Guatemala 7 years ago while adopting our middle daughter, Lena.  During that time we developed a heart for the country.  Guatemala is a beautiful country, but its marked with corruption and poverty.  As One guatemalan friend put it “how can people be starving in a land where you can throw seeds on the ground and they grow?”  We want to be a part of seeing that change.
One of the things we value about Paso a Paso is their daily presence in the community.  It was a delight to see the new building serving kids everyday after school.  This week we were able to be a part of that ministry by painting an “under the sea” mural on the walls of the lower level of the building.  IMG_8634Kids peaking in to see our progress, was one of my favorite part of the week.  I also loved watching our two girls out playing for hours with girls from the community.  They didn’t speak the same language, but somehow were still able to have fun together. And we treasured the opportunity to meet our sponsored kids.  Lena connected with Sophi (one of our sponsored kids) and they became so close that lena cried when it was time for us to leave Guatemala.
Mornings were spent painting, and afternoons were spent hiking up to Cerro el Nino and hosting a vbs for up 90+ kids.  My favorite lesson was the story of the feeding of the 5000 from Matthew.  Our kids, sang Spanish songs, acted out the story and then handed out sandwiches to all the kids.  Our kids both heard and “did” the truth of Scripture.  This Bible story will be a life long memory for them.
Below are pictures of our adventure:  making friendship bracelets at a vision clinic, playing in Barrio la Cruz with new friends,  Designing and painting the mural, leading vbs songs and crafts, handing out sandwiches after vbs, meeting our sponsored kids, handing out sandwiches and Brian and Stephanie with the newly painted logo at the building.IMG_8631

Your family may not be able to travel to Guatemala to serve with Paso a Paso.  But you can still be on a mission with Paso, by praying and sponsoring a child.

Jenni White

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