The floor is complete on the second floor of the PAP building and we are so excited!
It looks great and our volunteers are using it and very excited about the expanded space for our computer program and regular after school activities.
Thank you to all who made it possible to buy the flooring, your patience as we dealt with the hurry up and wait process in Guatemala and all that comes with that. Your continued prayers and support for Paso a Paso mean so much!10647647_911173548911964_546994907_n
The windows are being put in this very week thanks to a very generous family who sponsored the windows!
The children in our program have just finished their 2014 school year and are on break till next year. Zaida and Jonathan will be doing different activities with the children during the week along with extra review for the school year. The children will do a sewing class, possibly a woodworking class, a computer class and much more. Please consider sponsoring a program during their school break!10576374_911173292245323_1664252230_n