school break = busy, fun times!

The school year has ended here in Guatemala but our kids in our after school program are staying busy and having fun. Our volunteers, Zaida and Jonathan have planned some super fun courses for the kids to take for free to pass the time during school break. This is a great opportunity for them to learn something new, spend time with their friends and stay safe during the day while they would be left at home alone or with an unsafe family member.
Zaida is teaching 2 different sewing classes, one for the younger girls and one for the older girls.

Jonathan is teaching a woodworking class, where they are making a hanging shelf. They are also using power tools for the first time that were donated by Pastor Larry which is really neat for the boys to see!
Thanks for all those that donated to Paso a Paso and help make special activities like this possible, your investment in their life is making a difference.
Merry Christmas.

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