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This post was written by Celynda and her experience with their second trip to Guatemala to serve with PAP, super grateful she took the time to write this and give people a glimps into her trip with her girls and so thankful they came to serve, encourage and love on everyone for the week.
So about three weeks ago, my daughters and I were able to return to Guatamala to serve the community once again……. Stephanie Cady had asked me to share a bit of that experiance……. I did not forget, and I wasn’t too busy, I just needed time to put into words what the time there was to me and my family.
The first time we went I called it life changing, the landscape; breathtaking. The people;beautiful. Our time; blessed. All those things rolled into one plus the realazation and for all around us that, life is hard. Not my phone doesn’t get reseption, or I have no one to pick me up from soccer/football/tennis/ballet/art/whatever else we are involved in. But hard like; Will we get to eat today?……. Is my daughter safe alone with her father?………. I’m scared, I’m cold, I’m 3 and I am all alone, kind of hard. Really just so many things………That was trip one.IMG_6891_2

Trip two, I was alone with just my daughters and myself. No big group, no set time for every minute, we had to go alone (Stephanie was there with her children, so alone I use loosely). I was scared, not for me, but praying my girls would be safe. The second trip was an awakening. It is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The weather???? I thought ,”Man, if the weather was like this in the states, all of it would have been bought up, stripped and become only for the wealthy.” But everyone there wakes up to the same mountain view……. sigh. There are walls around everything, barbed wire, armed guards, not really what we would consider “safe” and yet in all the bared windows there were breathtakingly bold flowers growing. The buildings were vibrant hues of yellow, red, blue. The people, many in traditional garb, so bright and sparkling! Just a feast for the eyes, really. But so many are poor, not just money poor, but also poor in spirit. Desperate for hope.


We sponsor three little girls that we have been able to build a relationship with,they call us family, but their life, makes me sad. I wish I could take them home with me, give them a new life…..After serving the community with food deliveries, painting murals in the Paso a Paso community center, sports day, craft day, appliance deliveries, never mind the village is on what seems like an almost vertical incline,my body was tired. I missed my husband….. I missed my home. Then it hit, I get to go home, sleep in a bed, shower, eat whenever I want, shower again. Not so with most of Guatemala. But Stephanie, her husband Matt, and their children, they have made a life commitment to the whole community. They stay the course, I am not sure if many of us can understand that level of commitment…….. If we were able to take those three little girls (blessed) we would change the lives of 3 people. Paso a Paso is changing the lives of a whole community, for generations!!!! I can scarcely take it in. Thank you Cady family, thank you Paso a Paso, thank you God for all the blessings you given! We cannot wait to see you again.
Paso a PasoIMG_6886IMG_6950

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