Celebrating day of the Child

On October 1st Guatemala celebrated “Day of the Child”.

This is a special day for the children in Barrio la Cruz and for those in our Paso a Paso program. For children in Guatemala that may not receive a gift often or at all through the year this is a big deal and a lot of fun!
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We were able to buy each child a very simple gift, play games and of course eat and the cake was a hit!
A big thank you to our great volunteers at PAP for pulling off the event, these kids are truely loved.
As we approach the time of year where kids will be finishing up their school year and going on their winter break. (Guatemala school year runs from January-October) we will be continuing our afterschool program but it will run all day. We will also run special camps; for example a sewing camp, a craft camp, a sports camp and more. We need about $20 per child to make this happen. If you would like to sponsor a child or a camp, please let me know!

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