Leslee’s view from Barrio la Cruz

Recently, we have the privilege of having Leslee come and serve at PAP, what a fun adventure and privilege for all! Here’s an update from her, enjoy!
Stockings made by the PAP kids, taught by Bella! Stockings made by the PAP kids, taught by Bella!

The Paso a Paso experience was everything I would expect a mission trip to be, all about building relationships with the people in the community and sharing the love and truth of Christ. The team was extremely generous and hospitable. The day to day workings of the operation are diligently carried out and appreciated by those reaping the benefit. The highlight of the experience for me was the time I spent with the loving and welcoming children at the building.
Making Bracelts for the kids. Making Bracelts for the kids.

Never in my life have I been in such a humbling predicament. The fact is that I speak very little Spanish, yet the children embraced me and desired my interaction with them as if I were fluent in the language. I spent a lot of time playing games and having one on one moments with different children at different moments.
The times that I shared climbing those hills with young girls holding my hands and teaching them English as they taught me Spanish will continue to be a great reminder of the joy that we experience when we obey God’s command to love one another and let the children come to Christ.
Thank you Stephanie, Zaidi, Delmi, Jonathan, and of course Pastor Rorlando (whose Mom makes delicious food) for letting me partake in the work you are doing to build the Kingdom of God. Surely the fingerprints of God adorn the mountains of Barrio La Cruz and His Spirit is working to draw His children to Him. “And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful.”
Titus 3:14 NKJV

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