Happy New Year!

Paso a Paso is embarking on a New Year and as we look back on this past year it has been a good one and a blessing to the children in Barrio la Cruz and we are thankful to all our volunteers, donors and those that came and served!

This past year we were able to assist sending over 60 children to school, giving out over 200 food bags, providing school supplies all thoughout the year and most of all sharing the love of Christ while offering afterschool tutoring to our Paso a Paso students.

This year we will continue with our sponsorship program, our school supply and food distribution program and afterschool tutoring program. We also have our computer class for younger children and older children. Later this year, prayerfully we will have a fulltime feeding program for our afterschool participants and we will start a pre-school in the summer.

We are grateful for your support and prayers and we look forward to 2016 and all the wonderful things that God has in store! Thanks for you continued support!




The Paso a Paso Team!

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