Paso a Paso Summer 2016

It has been several months since our last official PAP update on the website as it was being re-worked (thanks B!) and things have been very busy on the home front for us too. I hope that all those reading this have “liked” our facebook page for Paso a Paso
as I do post updates there every few days about what is is going on in our programs and pictures of the kids and I try to include any praise reports, prayer request or general needs.


This has been a busy few months with a lot of different things developing in PAP. Our main focus over the past few months was to be sure we could get the preschool running which we have called, Pasitos (little steps) We received a donation for the table and chairs and those were purchased. We came in contact with a church/foundation who does free teacher training and supplies books to the teacher and students at a very low cost. We had to travel about 3 hours to complete the training and it was a huge blessing, the people were genuine and are really trying to reach all the children and families they can in Guatemala. We completed the training and received some materials and all the children who will enroll for school for January will also receive their own textbook from them for a low cost that we will cover.
We are currently holding a 6 week reinforcement course, kind of like summer school for the little ones, so that those that would like to enroll in January can come now and get adapted. We have a teacher we have hired although we are still waiting on someone to sponsor her. As of now we have 13 children in the preschool and we are hoping to keep it around that number. For the preschool the parents only have to contribute around $1 a month, this is more for the purpose of accountability. PAP will cover the cost of books, school supplies and the daily snack. img_5360
Apart from that PAP celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary which I will make a separate post on that in the next couple of days, we had a very blessed evening!
Aside from that we have been working hard at organizing activities for the kids in our after-school program, things such as sports, swimming, crafts, Bible studies and even exercise classes for the women. Our kids from our after-school program were eager to recently go and hand out food bags to each family that is enrolled in our program. This is a great way for the children to give back and build their character as they help one another.
Thank you for your patience as we play catch up on the website, more updates to come soon 🙂
Praises: We have a teacher for our preschool
We have enough children enrolled and have training completed
Our children in PAP have finished the school year well.

Prayer: Pray that we would get sponsorship for our Preschool Teacher Mariela about $160 a month and sponsorship for Rolando our Bible school teacher about $50 a month.
Continued safety and protection for PAP and the students and parents in the program
Pray for those that are enrolled in the program that we can reach out the each and every child and family.

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