New Year, New Beginnings

It has been a long overdue update for our PAP website and I hope that all those that follow us “like” our Facebook page as I try to update that at least a couple times a month.

This past year has been so full of great ministry opportunities and we have been blessed by people who pour their lives into our ministry. We wrapped up our first full year of pre-school in our building. We had 13 children that enrolled and 11 that finished the year and graduated! Zaida headed up the program by doing her best to make sure things were running smoothly. We hired a full-time preschool teacher to partner with us and Rolando embarked on teaching the pre-k children as well with Bible lessons 2 times a week. The students in our preschool were 4 and 5 year olds, the students received a great education to prepare them for 1st grade, a healthy snack daily, food supplies and assistance for other needs like medical expenses. Thank you to all those that have sponsored our pre-school program this year we are looking forward to the new year in January (school year starts in January in Guatemala)



Some BIG news for 2018 is we are so honored to have Hannah Vega to come and assist and teach in our preschool for 2018!! This is a huge answer to prayer and we are beyond honored to have her serve with us!!! Read more about her story on the next post and our FB page.

This past year we also were able to host a few teams and have Wye Bible from Grasonville return to assist in the construction and repair of our 2nd and 3rd floor. We also had some unexpected donors commit to help us finish the construction, God is good!!




While Wye Bible came in the short period of time we were able to make so much headway on our building, they worked soo hard, we hosted a community carnival to evangelize to the community, made and handed out over 60 food bags and did many activities with the kids in the community. (Many more updates were posted on our FB page too)




We also were able to take our pre-school to their first zoo trip and take our older kids to a natural spring water park for the end of the year! Each of our kids that attend our program also received a personally picked out Christmas gift!
This year we also had brother Juan partner with us. He comes once a week to teach our students a new skill or art they can do. He is such a great tool in our ministry!!
Our non-profit store in Antigua is thriving after suffering a total loss from robbery earlier in the year. This store is a way to employ locals in our community by working in the store, making goods for the store and any profits go directly back into supporting our pre-school and after school program. As of now we are not loosing money so that’s good and we know God is growing this store and we are honest with our customers and we are grateful for all the positive feedback from customers and missionaries that have visited.
Thank you to those that have donated and supported us financially, prayerfully and with their time and efforts this year, we could not do it without you!
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